Buzzfeed (which I'm not afraid to admit I can spend hours on) has a new DIY vertical. So of course I hit up the 36 Little Hacks that Will Make Parenting So Much Easier. My favorite one involves an old DVD case and art supplies: a coloring case!

"It's kind of an updated version of a crayon roll complete with paper storage. Now this is not just for kids! I would keep one in my purse so when inspiration strikes I can take it out and sketch and write down ideas!! Using color too!"

You can find the supplies info and directions over on handmade by stacy vaugn. I promise it's not as cheesy as it sounds—she puts big thought into it. The DVD holder area is removed (so that side will be flat and the case will close with pencils in it) and replaced with cardboard and fabric. The end product looks fantastic!


photo by handmade by stacy vaughn

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